Setting Up Near Field Communication for Your Smartphone

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By Tanya Wozniaki

If you’ve decided you want to take near field communication technology for a test drive you have several options for getting started. Even if your smartphone is missing the NFC chip required to work with this technology, you can easily purchase a SIM card or microSD card containing the necessary information and install it on your smartphone. Talk to your phone’s service provider or a sales associate at an electronic store in your area to find out more about the options available for your specific smartphone.

Once you have the technology installed, set up is simple. Smartphones compatible with programs such as Google Wallet come with it pre-installed. Open the application and follow the onscreen instructions to set up your account. Other programs, such as PayPal Mobile, can be installed through the App Store or App Market on your smartphone.

Now that you have your application up and running, it’s time to add your credit or debit cards. Choosing a new credit card from the main menu lets you input your account information to set up. Programs such as Google Wallet may require a specific credit card to work. For example, Google Wallet functions only with MasterCard PayPass credit cards or the prepaid Google card, available through Google’s or MasterCard’s website.

The next time you visit a store that supports NFC payments, simply select the credit or debit card you want to use from your smartphone and wave the phone over the card reader. Instantly your transaction is complete. Encryption and secure channels ensure your credit card information is transmitted safely so others cannot steal your info. That’s all there is to it!