How Small Businesses Benefit from Near Field Communication

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By Tanya Wozniaki

Sure the big corporations and cell phone manufacturers are jumping at the chance to use near field communication, but what about your small business or non-profit organization? Is NFC technology a smart move for you?

As near field communication and contactless payment methods grow in popularity around the world, small businesses and organizations can increase customer satisfaction and boost business by installing systems built to handle this type of payments. Of course, it all comes down to your budget and the number of transactions you deal with on a daily basis, but even a small store can help increase businesses by raising customer satisfaction levels.

Contactless payment systems reduce the time of each transaction, cutting down on the time a customer has to wait in line and the time the customer spends at the register. For businesses with limited staff on hand this can be the difference between getting through a line quickly versus watching disgruntled customers leave before making a purchase to avoid long waits.

Loading reward points cards and coupons onto a customer’s smartphone means less time digging out coupons at the register and ensures the customer earns points for every transaction. Building brand loyalty starts with rewarding customers and ensuring your rewards programs are simple to use.

Finally, depending on your business, using NFC technology can keep you up-to-date with the latest in the technology world. Customers coming in to buy electronics or seek computer repairs will appreciate a store that embraces the latest in useful technology. Appearance and customer satisfaction can certainly drive sales.

While some businesses may want to wait for the near field communication movement to really take off, others will want to join the movement while it’s growing. As companies like Google, PayPal, MasterCard, and Apple on hop on board, small businesses will follow suit to help make NFC technology a common payment method.