The Future of Near Field Communication

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By Tanya Wozniaki

With Android, Nokia, and BlackBerry all in various stages of supporting near field communication technology, others feel the pressure to offer support as well to avoid falling behind in a technologically advanced world. Where is NFC spreading? We’ll take a look at some of the ways near field communication has expanded and what’s coming up next.

Google Wallet

Google wallet is Google’s smartphone program that allows users to load credit card information and pay with the swipe of their phone. Currently phones supporting the technology are limited, but plans to expand are in the works. Not all credit cards will work with Google Wallet, however. Currently MasterCard PayPass compatible cards or a prepaid Google card are required, but it is expected that more technologies and cards will be developed by other companies in the future as the technology expands and businesses begin to compete for customers.

MasterCard and Visa

Visa is expanding its horizons and testing the use of NFC as a means of smartphone payment using Visa credit cards. Visa and Samsung have partnered to create a NFC compatible smartphone geared at fans of the Olympics. The smartphone will carry special content and aims to makes purchases and other interactions at the Olympic games faster and easier, a major plus for an event of that size.

Apple iPhones

Finally, Apple is soon to test out NFC in upcoming iPhone models. Having yet another major corporation backing NFC could push more merchants to offer NFC compatible card readers and support the technology. As other cell phone manufacturers race to keep up, NFC could grow substantially and be offered on more and more devices. All in all, the future of near field communication looks bright.