Benefits of Near Field Communication

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By Tanya Wozniaki

Knowing what near field communication is and how it works is one thing, but while it may seem like a novel idea in theory, how exactly will it benefit you? If you’re considering upgrading to a NFC enabled smartphone, already own one but have never used the technology, or are simply curious to learn more about its advantages, read on to find out why NFC technology is gaining in popularity.

Ease of Use

By far the most obvious benefit of near field communication and the contactless payment systems it creates is its ease of use. No need to carry multiple credit cards or dig through your wallet for the right one. No more lost movie tickets or subway passes. And finally, no more individual rewards cards from different stores to track. Instead of carrying a card for every store you shop at, load them on your phone and coupons and rewards points go straight to your account without ever digging out the card.


If your wallet is stolen, a thief has instant access to all your credit cards, debit cards, and photo IDs. Storing this information all in one place on your smartphone may sound dangerous at first, but actually provides a safer environment than your physical wallet. While you can’t password protect your wallet, you can password protect your smartphone. No thief can use your cards if they can’t unlock the phone to get at them.

In addition, near field communication often creates a secure channel for communication and uses data encryption when sending sensitive information between your phone and another device, such as a card reader. This prevents hackers from stealing that info. Finally, having your information stored on one device cuts down on your risk of losing or misplacing a credit card when you’re trying to juggle three or more cards in your wallet and switching between them for different purchases. Thieves will find your smartphone a lot harder to swipe then that wallet in your back pocket, and if worse comes to worse a GPS enabled smartphone can be tracked down and recovered.


Perhaps one of the most important aspects of near field communication technology is its versatility. Ease of use is important to convince individuals to stick with the technology, but it needs to cover a variety of uses for others to really catch NFC fever. Customers can check out at a store, purchase and load concert tickets to their smartphones, board the subway, read information from a smart poster, and many other tasks all from a single device.

Many individuals carry a smartphone already and with the power near field communication brings to it, those individuals can have everything they need at the tip of their fingers without lugging around ticket stubs or parking passes. The technology can even connect with friends to share information, play games, and transfer data. NFC strives to embrace both work and play, a crucial factor in creating its success.