Welcome to Near Field Communication NFC

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By Tanya Wozniaki

Welcome to Near Field Communication NFC, a site devoted to showing you what near field communication (NFC) is and how it can help you whether you’re shopping at the supermarket, taking the bus to work, or swapping contact information with a new friend. Near field communication is an easy-to-use wireless communication technology that lets you swap data in seconds by waving your smartphone over an NFC enabled device.

Throughout our site you’ll learn the history of NFC, see how it can make certain tasks easier and faster, and find out how it works. We’ll walk you through the process of finding out if your smartphone uses near field communication technology and how to get in on this cutting edge technology even if your phone isn’t currently NFC enabled. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of near field communication and subsequent technology. As the field grows and evolves, we strive to help ordinary men and women learn how they can take advantage of all this system has to offer.

What is near field communication exactly? As we’ll explore in the rest of the website, near field communication, or NFC for short, is a way to transfer information between two devices or a device and a small NFC tag with information stored on it. Imagine the card reader where you swipe your debit card at the supermarket. Now instead of digging through your wallet for the right card all that’s required is to wave your smartphone over the card reader and the NFC chip embedded inside sends the credit card information for you.

On the bus to work you can purchase and scan your ticket all from your smartphone while at the office you can gain access to secure areas simply by using your smartphone as an ID and waving it over a reader on a locked door. The technology is easy and convenient; all your information is safely stored in one place. No more worries about losing your wallet or misplacing a subway ticket in the early morning rush.

What about security? Understandably individuals worry about their private information, such as credit card numbers, when using a new technology. NFC technology is monitored by the NFC Forum, an organization devoted to creating strict standards covering NFC devices and transactions. Credit card payment data is encrypted and sent through a secure channel to prevent hackers from swiping your information. Check out our security section to find out more about how near field communication technology works to protect your data.